Meet Nick

Hi, I’m Nick De Gregorio. I’m running for Congress in 2022 because America is at a difficult crossroads and it’s time to decide where we want to go.

I’m no stranger to difficult crossroads. At the age of 16, the September 11th attacks literally hit close to home. Living just 12 miles from Ground Zero, my high school classmates and I could hear the fighter jets scrambling to respond as we watched the towers collapse on the news. Our communities were devastated. I knew that very day that I would volunteer to fight for my country in uniform.

Serving as a Marine Corps infantry officer in the wake of 9/11 was no small commitment. Over the course of nine years, I deployed four times. I fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan, answering our nation’s call. It was the honor of my life to do so.

But things have changed here at home while I was away at war—and not for the better. My wife Emily and I came back to give our two children, Siena and Luca, the tight-knit community upbringing we were lucky enough to have when we were kids here in northern New Jersey. We are starting to realize firsthand how impossible that has become.

Taxes are out of control. Businesses and jobs are fleeing, taking our neighbors with them. Our classrooms—once safe places for our children to learn to think for themselves—are now devolving into testing grounds for radical political ideology. And behind it all are the career politicians and insiders, who are too busy serving themselves in Washington to care about the mess they have created for the rest of us here at home.

This is not what I fought for.

We are at a crossroads. Words are not enough. Now is the time for action.

That is why I have decided to run for Congress. As I embark on this new mission, I look forward to talking about the issues facing our country and our communities, and listening to the needs and concerns of people about where we are as a nation, and where we are going. Together, we can – and will – win the battle of ideas and ensure, as President Reagan said, that America remains a shining city upon a hill for generations to come.

Thank you and Semper Fidelis,

Nick De Gregorio