PRESS RELEASE: De Gregorio: Gottheimer’s SOTU Theater Can’t Hide Complicity in Biden’s Disastrous Agenda

March 1, 2022

FAIR LAWN – Tonight, Nick De Gregorio, a Marine Veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, offered the following response to the State of the Union Address: 

“Joe Biden did his best tonight to paper over an economy that is in tatters thanks to the highest inflation in decades, along with another preventable foreign policy disaster that occurred under his watch,” said De Gregorio.

He continued, “Josh Gottheimer is so desperate to distance himself from this failing administration that he took it upon himself to write his own address. Despite his invented caucuses and tonight’s presidential make believe, the State of Josh’s Union is a 90+ percent voting record with Nancy Pelosi and AOC that makes him 100% complicit in the far-left policies that are making life harder for Fifth District families. It is imperative that we take back this seat to put a badly-needed check on Joe Biden.”