NJ Globe: De Gregorio launches first digital spot

March 9, 2022

Ad hits Gottheimer comments on baseball lockout

Nick De Gregorio, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district, released his campaign’s first digital ad today in his campaign against Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff).

The ad slams Gottheimer for comments the congressman made on the New Jersey Globe Power Hour last weekend. Gottheimer was asked whether Congress should get involved in the ongoing Major League Baseball lockout; his response was that “the worst thing for the country would be if, when the masks are coming off and people are going back to life, there wasn’t any baseball.”

Against a backdrop of various news stories on violent crime, inflation, spiking gas prices, and student learning loss, the ad asks whether the loss of baseball is really “the worst thing for the country” and calls Gottheimer “completely out of touch.”

“I like baseball, too,” De Gregorio said in a statement accompanying the ad. “But Josh’s tone-deaf comment in the face of everything families in our district are facing right now demonstrates just how out-of-touch he is with the people he purports to serve.”

De Gregorio faces two opponents, 2020 nominee Frank Pallotta and businessman Fred Schneiderman, in the June primary. His $403,000 raised during the fourth quarter and his placement on the National Republican Campaign Committee’s “On the Radar” list mean he’s in good shape to win that contest, but Gottheimer has amassed a colossal $12 million war chest and is running for re-election in a district drawn to be more Democratic than the one he held in previous cycles.