Press Release: De Gregorio Offers Clarity, Vision Amid Continued Attacks on Military Service

May 23, 2022

Pallotta again misleads voters about Gottheimer’s dark money mailers

FAIR LAWN – Today, Nick De Gregorio, a Marine Veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, released the following statement after the ‘Radio Night Live’ with Kevin McCullough Debate live on WNYM, 970 AM “The Answer.”

“Once again, Nick answered appalling attacks on his military service with clarity and vision for the Fifth District. By contrast, sadly, tonight we watched Frank Pallotta lie yet again about the origins of shady Gottheimer mailings that are intended to boost his lackluster campaign,” said Luke Ferrante, Campaign Manager for De Gregorio for Congress. 

He concluded: “The bottom line is this: all of Josh Gottheimer’s special interest dollars cannot prop up a second failed Pallotta campaign, particularly when Pallotta freely offers up to voters that he wouldn’t let a veteran ‘near his checkbook.’ When Frank isn’t hiding behind a keyboard or Gottheimer’s money, he tells us who he really is.”


Pallotta attacking veterans [at 7:30:02]:

“I apologize if you thought I discredited your service. I didn’t. My father was a proud Korean War veteran. I wouldn’t let him near my checkbook. So there’s a difference there.”

De Gregorio on Pallotta’s attacks on his military service:

“My opponent has spent some time on social media telling me that I’m a lightweight and that I’m someone whose military service doesn’t qualify him for a run for the United States Congress…I think that it’s pretty sad
to think that there are fellow Republicans who think that…nine years of service in the Marine Corps, that four deployments to include combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, leading hundreds of Marines overseas and earning the rank of major, is somehow not something that would allow me to run for the United States Congress. In fact, the oath that I swore to the Constitution when I was 20 years old is this same exact oath that I will swear in January if I’m elected to Congress. It’s the same exact oath. If there’s somebody up here who’s got the experience and the qualifications to run for Congress right outside of the box, I’m that guy.”

De Gregorio on energy independence to help fight inflation:

“No American should have to pay five dollars a gallon, especially a working class or middle class American…We need energy independence. [W]e had it. We need to go back there…We need to
responsibly drill in our own country.”

De Gregorio on the Second Amendment: 

Q: “Should an American citizen have the right to not only own a firearm, but to bear that firearm?”

DE GREGORIO: “Yes, shall not be infringed. I can only tell you that I’ve grown up shooting firearms. My father is actually here. I hope he’ll vote for me in the straw poll. But he taught me how to shoot at a young age and who was very helpful in joining the Marine Corps. I was an expert shooter because of him. I have grown up with guns all my life. I am a proud gun owner now. I was proud to give a letter of recommendation to Frank when he applied for his firearms permit. And so the 2nd Amendment is something is near and dear to my heart.”

De Gregorio on his support for pro-life legislation with exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother:

“Within the first day of being in Congress, I will propose legislation federally to make sure that partial birth abortion is illegal no matter what happens with Roe v. Wade, that I will make sure that a third trimester abortion is outlawed, except for in the case of the life of the mother. And that parental notification is something that should be done. If you have a minor child who’s looking for to pursue an abortion, that child should have to go and talk to their parents.”

De Gregorio on voter integrity:

Q: “If you had the opportunity to impact a national vote integrity legislative initiative in some way, what would that include? What would be your focus and how seriously would you take it?”

DE GREGORIO: “Voter ID, voter ID, voter ID.” 

De Gregorio on Parents’ Rights in Education: 

“I have I have a three year old daughter and a one year old son. This is going to become very, very
real for me very soon. I believe in school choice. I believe in charter. There is a bill that is languishing on the
Senate floor right now called the School Choice Now Act drafted by Tim Scott that I would support on day one. I would try to mirror that. I would support that bill and I would try to get that passed.”

De Gregorio on securing the border:

“I believe that border security equals safe communities here in Bergen County, Passaic County, and Sussex County. I think when you look at what’s happening at the border, it’s not just about illegal immigration. It’s about the fentanyl epidemic and the opioid crisis that we’re dealing with. Our families are being torn apart because our young people are dying. This is directly affecting us. Just because we don’t live in Texas doesn’t mean we should not be concerned about border security. We need to be providing the support and the resources and the materials to our Border Patrol agents to make sure that they can do their job so that they can keep our community safe.”

About Nick Nick De Gregorio is a lifelong resident of Bergen County, raised in both Glen Rock and Ridgewood. At the age of 16, Nick was sitting in a high school classroom in Oradell when terrorists struck the World Trade Center just 12 miles away. It was then that he made the first adult decision of his life: to serve his country. Nick answered his country’s call to serve in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and he joined the United States Marine Corps. Over the course of nine years, he deployed four times, fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the honor of his lifetime to serve his country. Nick lives in Fair Lawn with his wife Emily, who during the COVID-19 pandemic worked as a nurse on the front lines, along with their two children Siena Reagan and Luca Cordell. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University and MastersDegrees from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service, with distinction.